Auto Brake Service in Medford Oregon

Superior Auto Brake Service

For the best auto brake service in Medford, call Action Auto Repair, our team of expert mechanics will make sure your vehicle is safe.

Are your brakes squealing, vibrating while applying pressure or are you noticing your brakes doing something that is causing them to not work properly? We recommend that you call us to diagnose your vehicle instead of waiting and possibly putting your family in danger.

  • Caliper replacement
  • Pad and rotor replacement
  • Brake shoes
  • Drum style brakes
  • Master cylinders
  • Fluid replacement

Braking System Symptoms

  • Brakes are squealing
  • Brakes are clicking
  • Braking distance worsens 
  • Car pulls when braking
  • Brake pedal vibrating on pressure 

There is no vehicle system that is more important to the safety of your passengers than the braking system. It ensures the vehicle will stop when needed, whether it is a routine stop or an emergency stop.

The braking systems in your car or truck can use either disc brakes or a combination of disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes are the only type used in the front of vehicles and may be found at all four wheels, but drum brakes will only be found on the rear of your vehicle.

Drum brakes were invented 1902 by engineer Louis Renault. In 1953 Jaguar first introduced disc brakes.