Medford Oregon Transmission and Clutch Shop

Superior Transmission Service for Southern Oregon

Top-notch transmission service and clutch service. You can expect the highest integrity of workmanship from Action Auto Repair. Transmissions and clutches should be included in your regular maintenance schedule to ensure longevity of your vehicle.

Auto & Manual Transmissions

Whether you have an automatic trans or a manual one it has a lot of gears. These gears are constantly engaged against each other. It is because of this constant friction between gears that you need to always have fluid to lubricate them. When this fluid starts to degrade, the gears get hotter while moving against each other and this causes even more friction and this friction can cause transmission failure.

Transmission Maintenance

It is our recommendation to check your transmission fluids checked at every engine oil change after the fluid has run over 30,000 miles to ensure your vehicle’s best performance. If you need new fluid we will let you know.